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Special papers for every need.

High Quality 80 g/m2 A4, Legal & A3 Paper. 

Our professional 80 g/m2 corporate paper meets the high-quality demands of today's companies. It delivers great printing results and comes from responsible sources that protect the environment. Suitable for large volume printing. Brand: Quantore.

ClaireAlfa 120 g/m2 A4 Paper.

A slightly less thicker paper than your standard weight. For when to need that small extra touch.

ClaireAlfa 160 g/m2 A4 Paper.

Like it's lighter brother our 160 g/m 2 has 2x the weight for when your prints need that extra touch. Because in the end Image is everything.

Navigator 200 g/m2 Paper A4.

For when you need even a step higher in your paper weight.

Neenah Paper 216 g/m2 Linnen & Classic Crest Letter Size

This paperweight comes as Classic Linnen Cover Solar White. Ideal for when you want to print cards or other types of certificates. Size in this category is letter size. Has a nice shine to it. Also available without linnen.

Xerox  Colotech+ Coated 250 g/m2 Paper.

Our heaviest paper in it's class. Ideal for beautiful business cards, certificates, and diplomas. When quality is of the essence for the best of occasions. Our 250 g/m2 variant has a coated shine for maximum beauty. Designed for laser printing.

High Glossy Photo Paper 195 and 250g/m2 

For printing beautiful memories or other special occasions. This photo paper can then later be used in your photo frame. Comes in A4 format.

Can be printed with our laser printer. 195 can also be printed in inkjet quality. Also available in 170g/m2 Matte Photopaper which is also suitable for inkjet.

Xerox200 & 250g/m2  - A3 SIZE

When you need to print bigger but require carton stock for better quality.

This is ideal for small posters and such. 

Sticker Labels and Waterproof paper.

We can also print on sticker labels and waterproof sticker sheets. Ideal for bottles and cups. Ask us for more info.

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