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We don't like to hide our prices. We are honest about them. See for yourself how much you can save at our Copy Center.

All our prints are printed from high quality Xerox Laser Printers. Our inkjet printers are HP.

Copy Center Prices

Prices are for each side of a paper. So for example one A4 printed double sided counts for 2 sides.

Black & White Copies A4 & Letter Size

First Copy                                              Afl 1,-

Second Copy & Up                               Afl 0,25 per copy.

*Discounts apply at more then 50 copies starting at 10%

 Color Copies A4 & Letter Size

Full Color Copies                                  Afl 2,25 per copy.

Semi - Color                                          Afl 1,25 per copy.

*Discounts apply at more then 50 copies starting at 10%

A3 Size Copies

Full Color A3                                         Afl 3,75

Semi Color                                            Afl 2,50

Black and White                                   Afl 1,25

Sizes larger then A4 will automatically be printed on A3 and cut to size afterwards.

*Discounts apply at more then 50 copies starting at 10%.

Foto Print on Glossy Paper & SATIN

4 X 6" Full Color on Glossy Paper                                  Afl 3,50

A4 Inkjet Photo Color Print 175 g/m2 SATIN                  Afl 9,-

A4 Inkjet Photo Color Print 195 g/m2 GLOSSY              Afl 12,50

A4 Laser Photo Color Print 195 g/m2 GLOSSY             Afl 6,75


A4 Laminate                                         Afl 3,-

A3 Laminate                                         Afl 6,95

A5 Laminate                                         Afl 2,50

A6 Laminate                                         Afl 2,25

A7 Laminate                                         Afl 2,-

Small ID Size                                        Afl.1,75

We don't laminate sizes A2, A1 or A0. 

4 X 6 Photos.jpg

1 to 100 Pages                                      Afl 5,-

101 to 200 Pages                                  Afl 8,-

201 to 300 Pages                                  Afl 12,-

301 - 499 Pages                                    Afl 15,-

500+ Pages                                           Afl 19,-

Spiral Binding.jpg
Poster Printing A1 & A2 and scanning

A1 Black & White                                   Afl 8,- 

A1 Full Color                                          Afl 11,- 

A1 Semi-Color                                       Afl 9.50

A2 Black & White                                   Afl 6,-     

A2 Full Color                                          Afl 8,- 

A2 Semi-Color                                       Afl 7,-


Scanning A1 per sheet                         Afl 5,-

Scanning A2 per sheet                         Afl 3,-

Discounts starting at 50 Copies & Up*
Subject to change.

Self Service PC

To be used for Internet, Office, File management and printing.

15 min: AWG 5,- 

15 to 30 min: AWG 9,-

30 min to 1 hour: AWG 17,50

*Max 1 hour per customer. Fair use policy.

Free printing assistance when required. *

Contact us if you need more info on
prices not mentioned on this page.
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