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Lost & Found


Your privacy is our outmost importance. Even so we cannot be held responsible for the privacy of the documents you send to our services. The same goes for lost USB sticks and other original documents.

If you passed by our Copy Center and you realized afterward that you forgot your USB stick or that other important documents might be missing then it's time to look in our Lost & Found Box.

All USB sticks or documents that are forgotten are stored in our Lost & Found boxes.

So, just pass by and see if you can find them.

Just an extra service free of charge because we at the Copy Center care.

*USB Sticks and documents are held for up to 30 days. Copy Center cannot be held responsible for lost USB Sticks. The same goes for documents etc.

USB Flash Drive.png

Did you know that the USB Thumb Drive is still the most forgotten item by clients?

Please remember your USB Thumb Drive when leaving our Copy Center.

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